iraanThe Iraan-Sheffield Chamber of Commerce seeks to promote the well being of commerce, industry, agriculture, civic interests and citizenship in our community. We achieve this goal through the promotion and support of local businesses and civic groups.

We also offer activities which give the community a chance to come together. Those activities include the 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, Santa’s Special Texas Visit,  downtown Holiday Lights display and so much more.

What makes Iraan-Sheffield “Remote but Remarkable”?

Watch the video to find out. Click Here

BbConnectWhen you register your home or cell phone number with The City of Iraan’s Blackboard Connect Service it allows authorized civic leaders to contact residents of Iraan with time-sensitive messages that might be of concern to the citizens of Iraan. Click to SIGN UP! Want to know more? Check out our FAQ page!

The Iraan-Sheffield Chamber of Commerce now is on Instagram! We will keep it up to date with all the fun activities planned for the year here in our community.

2018-2019 Chamber Board of Directors

  • Alicia Rico, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Kirsten Mauthe
  • Andrea Garza
  • Patsy Holmes
  • Ira Yates

The Chamber Board of Directors meet the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:15 p.m., City Council Meeting Room, Iraan City Office.

Questions about our community?
Call the Chamber of Commerce at 432-639-2232 today!